Lea Zalinskis is co-founder of the animation company Rad Orange Productions and a contributor at the collaborative production company Hitrecord.org. Her work has been featured in several animations on the Emmy Award winning television show Hitrecord on TV, some of which can be viewed below.


The Fire Triangle, a charming animation made collaboratively on hitRECord.org.  


Art direction and paper cutout visuals by Lea Zalinskis 

Key Animation by Felix Ding- http://www.heyfelixding.com/

Fuel Section Animation by David Nelligan

Sound design by Daniel Goh

Additional backgrounds by Taylor Dolan

Concept by Lea Zalinskis and Klaus Zalinskis

Produced by Lea Zalinskis and Felix Ding


Voiced by Joseph Gordon Levitt

Written by Evyn Williams

Living Room Art/Animation by Steve Baker - www.taxifilm.tv/steve-baker-director Flashback

Art Direction by Lea Zalinskis  

Flashback Animation, 8-Bit Art/Animation, Living Room Goat Art/Animation by Felix Ding - www.heyfelixding.com

Additional Elements: Lianna Oddi Lana Garant Laura W. Roxann Murray Liz Murray Kirren Jones Samantha Grandy Elaine Elizabeth Belz Alvin Pacheco Music: "Blue Piano Stomp" by Johnny Dodds (Public Domain)

Produced by Matt Conley for HitRECord on TV


Voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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